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Enjoy a luxurious manicure that promotes healthy nails, using products that make your nails strong, flexible and resilient.



Relax back and have your feet pampered! Your feet will feel amazing once we remove and smooth out callus, trim and shape your nails. We will massage any tension and make your treatment complete with your choice of polish. Don’t forget your sandals!


Gel Polish Addon

Upgrade your manicure and/or pedicure to the durable, long-lasting option of Gel Polish. Your colour will last beyond the expectation of polish and everyone loves that there is no drying time.


Paraffin Treatment Addon

A wonderful addition to a manicure or a pedicure. Let us wrap your hands and feet in warm, soothing, scented wax. Excellent for relieving arthritic pain or dry, cracked skin. Includes a gentle exfoliation and massage.


Light Elegance Sculptured Nails

Light Elegance Sculptured Nails Systems represents a true breakthrough odour free product – the avant-garde of artificial nails. The chemistry is based on up-to-date polymer science and the developments and products incorporate the latest technology.
Light Elegance Sculptured Nails nails imitate the structure of the natural nail. More than any other artificial nail system they combine a light, natural feel and look with exceptional resiliency.

Light Elegance Sculptured Nails Full Gel Set


Light Elegance Sculptured Nails Gel Nail Fill

Fills are recommended 2-3 weeks after the last fill or first set.


Light Elegance Sculptured Nails Buff & Seal

A mid-fill treatment to rebuff and seal your beautiful nails back to shine.


Nail Repair

Accidents happen! We are here to fix!



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