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Elos Plus Technology

Syneron Candela’s elōs Plus technology has a variety of application heads to treat the following: unwanted hair, spider veins, acne/acne scars, rosacea, stretch marks, pigmented/vascular lesions, wrinkles and aging skin. As one of the advanced non-invasive laser treatments on the market, the elōs Plus is unique in its ability to treat targets with lower optical absorption, i.e. light hair & collagen. The combination of (electric) Diode and (RF) radio frequency energy allows for safer, more comfortable treatments that are safe for all skin tones and hair types.

Elos Plus Laser Hair Removal

Get permanently smooth, hair-free skin with as few as six elōs Plus laser hair removal treatments spaced every six to eight weeks. Elos Plus hair removal is the most comfortable laser hair removal experience on the market for all skin types and hair colours.

elōs Plus Laser Hair Removal

Only at Sugar & Spice **

Bikini $125
Full Bikini $140
Underarm $95
Upper lip $65
Chin $75
Lower leg $150
Full leg inc. bikini $250
Arms $125
Tummy $65
Feet $55
Back $200
Chest $200
Full face $125

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