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Products We LOVE

Curious to know which skincare products are our personal favourites at Elite Spa Group?

At Elite Spa Group, we believe in the very best of skincare, for ourselves and our clients. Therefore, we insist on carrying only the best skincare and various aesthetic products. We are often asked about our recommendations, so we decided to give you a breakdown of our personal favourites! 

We are going to tell you about the three products that we recommend to all of our clients, and we think you’ll love them too!

Colour Glow – Complexion Creator by Dr. Renaud

Why we love it:

We absolutely love all the products by Dr. Renaud. In particular, the Colour Glow Complexion Creator is great for those looking to add a little bit of colour to their skin. This is a universal concentrate of mineral pigments that instantly evens out your complexion, and enhances its glow. Overall this gives your skin a healthy and naturally radiant look.

How to use it:

We recommend applying this product in the morning or before going out, after your regular skin routine. You should press 2 or 3 pumps of your usual day cream in the palm of your hand, and add a very small amount of the Colour Glow and mix the two textures thoroughly. The quantity of Colour Glow used will depend more or less on the skin tone and tan: one drop for clear complexions, three drops for darker or tanned skin.

Skincare products at Elite Spa

Tension Balm by Moor Spa

Why we love it:

The Tension Balm by Moor Spa is a unique product that helps soothe away muscular tension and headaches including migraines. This amazing product combines moor extract with a wealth of soothing botanical extracts including feverfew, linden, peppermint, and melissa. Another great thing to add about Moor Spa products is that they certified clean, and are not tested on animals.

How to use it:

Just apply sparingly to the temples to relieve any headaches or migraines and add onto the neck and/or shoulders to relieve muscle tension. You can also rub the cream between your palms and then breathe it in deeply. You can also use this product for muscle tension on any parts of the body, but you should always avoid any eye contact. 

Moor spa products at Elite spa

Bronzing Mousse – St. Tropez

Why we love it:

We use St. Tropez products for all of our airbrush tanning services at Elite Spa Group. But luckily, you can purchase many St. Tropez products to use in the comfort of your own home, if you want to just get a quick glow to your skin and don’t have time to come into a spa. In that case, we recommend the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. This is St. Tropez’s most iconic self-tanning product and will leave your skin looking healthy and natural. There is no strong smell to this product and is quick drying. It’s seriously a great product to keep on hand. 

How to use it:

Applying this product is quite simple, and will not leave your hands orange after application if you follow the following steps. Note: we recommend purchasing the self-tanner mitt from St. Tropez to achieve a streak-free glow without getting your hands covered in product. Before applying the Bronzing Mousse, you should exfoliate your skin and apply a moisturizer—specifically to the knees, ankles, and elbows. Once you have finished exfoliating, put about 3 pumps on the mitt for larger areas of the body (like the legs and back), and 2 pumps to smaller areas (like the stomach and arms). Apply evenly and let it air dry. If you haven’t used this product before, it is best to test a small area on your skin to see how light or dark you want the tan to be.

St. Tropez at Elite Spa - skincare products

Do You Want To Try Our Favourites?

Whether you are in St. Catharines or Beamsville, we recommend stopping by and browsing the products we carry. At the spa, our experts can personally walk you through not only these specific products but discuss your personal needs and recommend other ones that may be just right for you. 

We hope to see you soon! Your skin will thank you!

If you are curious about what other products we carry at Elite Spa Group, please visit the products page on our website.