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For The Busy Beamsville Mom

Whether you need a relaxing massage, or a day with your friends to get your nails done, these services are a great way for our Beamsville moms to relax and unwind!

Are you a busy Beamsville mom? As mothers, we tend to get caught up with all of our responsibilities and forget to take some crucial time out for ourselves. It is not selfish to spend a little bit of time away from your children, and it is actually proven that women who take a little bit of time out of their busy schedules for themselves are much more patient and happier around their kids. 

If this alone time means having a massage, or even a simple manicure, using the one or two hour(s) away from real #momlife will improve your overall mood and energy. 

At Elite Spa Group, we offer a wide range of services that are great for moms and love making sure they feel pampered and special. Today, we are going to talk about services that will make our Beamsville moms feel more energized, relaxed, and happy!

Manicures or Pedicures with Your Mom Friends

Having a relaxing manicure or pedicure is a very popular way that women bond with their friends and blow off steam. Booking a nail appointment with your other mom friends is a fun experience that all of you can enjoy when you’re spending time away from your kids. 

Not only will you experience some alone time with your girlfriends, but your nails and hands will also feel and look amazing. Also, as moms, we know that we are using our hands and feet all the time, so why not add on a paraffin treatment to your appointment?! This is a wonderful addition to a manicure or a pedicure. Your hands, feet or both are wrapped in warm, soothing scented wax which is an excellent way to relieve arthritic pain or dry, cracked skin. Included with this add on is also a gentle exfoliation and massage, which is a great way to relieve pain in your hands and feet. 

We also have a “New For You” program, where we provide new tools and polish for you to take away after your service. Contact us to learn more about this!

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Keep Calm and Facial On!

Facials are a great beauty treatment to make the tired Beamsville mom feel rejuvenated! The benefits of facials are endless, and there are so many different options when choosing which facial is best for you. We often recommend the Ceremonial Treatment Facial to our busy bee moms. This facial service focuses on a deep pore cleanse and takes its time to really brighten and refresh your skin. In a total of 80 minutes, you will experience a gentle peel, extractions and a beautiful mask that is chosen to best fit your skin type or skin issue. Not only will this type of facial service clean and rejuvenate your skin, but you will also receive a head, neck and shoulder massage which is great for moms that experience knots or headaches caused by stress. 

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Treat Your Body—From Head To Toe

Body treatments are a truly luxurious and indulgent experience that is great for moms looking to really get away from their busy lifestyles. Body treatments are typically described as “facials for your body” as they use high-quality products to really exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. 

At Elite Spa Group, we offer are Himalayan Pink Salt Treatments. This type of body treatment is used to utilize the many benefits of Himalayan salts, which includes detoxifying the body by balancing systemic pH; improving hydration by providing trace minerals, reducing muscle cramps and supporting hormone balance and weight loss. As moms, we often forget to follow through with a healthy lifestyle, due to the fact that we are so focused on our little one’s health. Body treatments are a great way to balance out what you have been missing, as well as giving you a truly relaxing experience. 

Eat. Sleep. Massage. Repeat.

Having a massage shouldn’t be reserved only for vacations. At Elite, we believe that massages should be enjoyed as much as possible due to the many benefits that are offered by them. Some of the many benefits of having regular massages are reduced anxiety, promotion of healthy blood flow, reduce pain, relieve stress and of course releasing any sort of muscle issues that the individual may suffer from. For those moms looking to really relax and enjoy their time away from their kids, we recommend having a head, neck and shoulders massage. This massage treatment helps release tension from headaches, sinus pressure, shoulder tension, migraines, jaw tension, neck stiffness and much more. Many of the issues are caused by stress, and we all know that sometimes, moms stress out way too much. This is also a great session to have if you want to take some time away, but not too much time as it lasts a total of 30 minutes.

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At Elite Spa Group, we are all about women empowerment, especially for busy Beamsville moms and, also, women in general, that spend a lot of time taking care of their loved ones. We know that taking some time away from real life can really help your overall mental and physical health.

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