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Time For A Tan?

Is your skin feeling dull and pale? St. Tropez spray tanning is the best way to get your summer glow started!

Summer is almost here, and with that comes dreams of tanning! However, with the concerns of too much sun exposure and risk of skin cancers, “baking” in the sun is no longer a good idea. That doesn’t mean you have to go without a proper tan.

St.Tropez airbrush tanning offers a desirable alternative.

The effects of getting too much sun:

Exposing your skin to too much sun is extremely harmful to your health. UV (ultraviolet) rays are prominent in the summer months, which is why you need to take serious precautions when it comes to sitting out in the sun for too long. Although you can use sunscreen and lotion to protect your skin, you are still at risk of burning, even when you have sunscreen on. A downfall of your skin burning from sun exposure is the after effects, which often results in peeling on your skin. Due to the sun being really intense, the sun extracts moisture from your skin, causing it to burn, peel, and leave it looking dry and worse than before.

The effects of tanning beds:

Tanning beds are often sought after alternative to natural sunbathing, especially in the winter months. People flock to them as a means of keeping a natural glow to their skin even when they cannot get out into the sun. The risks of using tanning beds are almost as harmful, if not more, than spending too much time in the sun. In fact, people that use tanning beds before the age of 35, increase the risk of getting melanoma (skin cancer) by 75%! Tanning beds often produce stronger UV rays for a faster effect than sitting in the sun for hours, which causes more radiation to be produced. If that doesn’t scare you from using tanning beds, then we don’t know what else will.

The safer, healthier, and better alternative:

Spray tanning is an amazing way to achieve healthy and beautifully tanned skin without the risks of exposing yourself to health concerns! St. Tropez airbrush tanning is a top of the line spray tanning service that will give you the amazing glow you want all year long without any orange tones and streaks.

St. Tropez has been offering this amazing alternative to sunbathing for over a decade and provides a luxurious product at a very affordable price. Another great thing about St. Tropez tanning is that it is here all year long! So whether you want a healthy glow in the middle of August, or in the freezing cold months of January and February, you will always have beautiful tanned looking skin.

With the long lasting and effective results of St. Tropez, you no longer have to worry about burning, peeling, or putting yourself at risk of getting skin cancer.

If you are in need of a tan, contact us directly to book your session. We also carry a number of awesome  St. Tropez home care products to help keep your tan nourished and lasting longer! Our St. Tropez tanning services are available at our Sugar & Spice location, in St. Catharine’s, Ontario.