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Beamsville Brides!

Wedding season is upon us, which means blushing brides-to-be need amazing spa treatments!

You are about to be a Beamsville bride!! Congratulations!  To prepare for one of the biggest days of your life, you want to look and feel your absolute best. Everything from your head down to your toes. We also know that having a bride’s bridesmaids feel and look good is important to her!

So, what exactly should you come in for to make you feel as pampered as possible for your big day?

We have put together a list of some items that are important leading up to the big day, some things that every bride, in Beamsville anyways, will want to consider.

Look and feel like a brand new woman!

Having a facial is a great way to clear your skin and make you feel like a new person, especially after the winter months. An optimal facial allows your esthetician to focus specifically on problem areas that you would like treated. Whether it’s acne, blackheads, rosacea, wrinkles, sensitivity or dehydration, or all of the above, it can be treated with an optimal facial. Facials are also an amazing way to relax (since weddings and wedding planning can be stressful) and to promote blood circulation throughout your face, making you a gorgeous blushing bride. It is recommended to have a facial every three to four weeks, so it’s best to book a few appointments before your big day to see the best results. Your wedding day is going to be a day where you are being photographed constantly, you want to be able to look back and see your face in the best shape it can be!

No hair, no problem!

Even if you are wearing a lengthy bridal gown, you will want to be hairless from head to toe…pretty much! It’s always nice to remove unwanted hair, and not having to resort to last-minute shaving or waxing, so you can feel clean and smooth for the big day.

Laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair and it also reduces the risk of irritation, unlike shaving and waxing. At Elite, we use the best in laser technology from Syneron Candela. Elos plus allows for safer, more comfortable treatments that are safe for all skin tones and hair types. Treatments for laser hair removal on the face are best to perform every 4-6 weeks, and 8-10 weeks for body hair.

Glow from head to toe

With all of the planning before the wedding, you may have missed out on getting a tan. Why not have a nice “glow” for the big day. Spray tanning is a great way to get a gorgeous glow to your skin without the risk of sunburning or subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays. No one wants to be burnt or have peeling skin on the day of their wedding! St. Tropez spray tanning is perfect for full body tanning and leaves you free of any imperfections or streaks. With St. Tropez spray tanning, you won’t have to worry about orange streaks showing up on our dress either!

Manicures and pedicures for the girls!

Getting your nails done with your friends is one of the most popular and fun ways to blow off some steam. Having a manicure and pedicure before the big day with your bridesmaids, your mom, your aunt, or a special girlfriend can be an enjoyable time spent away from wedding planning. Manicures and pedicures are a great way to make your hands and feet feel rejuvenated. Having a paraffin treatment added on to either your manicure or pedicure is a relaxing and therapeutic treatment for your hands and feet. In addition, it’s a great chance to just relax, get pampered and some girl time in amongst all the busy wedding planning. Yes, we can book services together!

Best time is alone time

What is more relaxing and rejuvenating than having a massage? With all of the stress that comes along with planning your wedding, you should treat yourself to some alone time. It is also a positive way to recuperate and self reflect before you make the biggest commitment of your life. Massages promote blood flow, get out knots and release tension in the muscles. Deep knots and muscle tension are most commonly caused by stress, which you may find you have more of when you are planning an event such as a wedding. You can also experience the healing power of hot stone massages which are used to help problem areas on your body that you may be experiencing before the big day.

We know that our Beamsville Brides enjoy coming to visit us before their big day, and we look forward to the wedding season every year…as we like to be a part of your journey! Keep in mind that some services are better to book well in advance as may require multiple treatments (laser hair removal), and facials at least two weeks before the big day.

Congratulations our blushing Beamsville bride-to-be!