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Beamsville! Get Your Nails Done!

Warmer weather is around the corner, meaning open toe shoes and manicured nails, on hands and feet are a must!

There are some things that make everything feel a bit better, a bit lighter, a bit more relaxed.

Getting a quality manicure or pedicure is definitely one of those things. With spring in full bloom, having manicured hands and feet are the same as putting on a pair of nice shoes or having an opportunity to do your hair and make-up. These are just the little “pick-me-ups” we need in life ever so often.

Getting a manicure or pedicure at a spa, makes a huge difference, however.

What Are The Differences Between a Spa and Regular Manicure/Pedicure?

There are a few differences between a regular one at a nail salon vs. a spa. Although the overall process may be the same, the difference may be in the products used, the techniques used, actual experts in beauty, hair and skin, and sanitization of tools used.

Here are the basic things that are included, however, in each.


At A Spa

Why Appointments Are Needed At A Spa

While we want to serve all clients that walk into our spa, we always recommend booking an appointment. The reason is that we have a very specific regime and process and experience we want each of our clients to experience.

Which is why we estimate booking a set period of time and do not ever skip any corners to always deliver the high-end service you deserve when taking care of your delicate hands and feet, as well as rejuvenating yourself.

If we took in clients on a walk-in basis for nail services, we fear we wouldn’t be able to give you the best experience your hands and feet, and you, deserve.


AddOns are there if you want something beyond the polish and need a little extra love. At Elite Spa Group, located both in Beamsville and in St. Catharines, we offer the following options:

These add-ons are there for your specific needs, if you need extra moisturizing we recommend paraffin, however, if you want longer lasting polish we recommend the gel. The others are for specific nail designs and maintenance.

As with the nail service, we want to ensure that our clients have only the most pleasant experience, and as such have an allotted time for each service, use spa-grade high-quality products, and have certified experts that will be able to answer any of your questions as well.

Book Your Appointment and Take a Load Off

Now that you know more about getting nails done in Beamsville, and why a spa manicure or pedicure is the way to go, come and see us!

We are here to make your nails ready to show off ladies of Beamsville!

And because we love seeing groups of women supporting each other, we encourage you to make it a day to get in some girl-time and book with a friend or family member (we can do services for a couple at a time).