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Take Some Time & Wine Down

Making it easier to spend quality time with girlfriends and also indulge in self-care.

How much time to you make to relax and practice self-care? A better question may be how often do you spend quality time with your closest friends?

Research shows that women can benefit significantly from cultivating strong friendships, and spending quality time with each other. In fact, strong friendships are good for your health.

Yes it’s true!

Health Benefits To Having Strong Friendships

There are a multitude of reasons to have friends. Although the obvious social aspects alone are reason enough, there has been a connection with strong relationships and life longevity. Having partners throughout the life, to spend time with and to develop true bonds with, actually have a positive impact on your overall health.


Friends Help You Live Longer

There have been studies on friendships and how long people live with or without them. One study in particular, showed that people with strong social connections had increased their chance of living longer by 50 percent in comparison with those did not. This scored just as high as stopping smoking and almost twice as high as physical activity, when looking at activities that increased  life expectancy.

There are a few reasons why this may be the case…


Friends are an excellent coping mechanism, to get through hard times. 

Life is full of stressful events and having someone to turn to can help you view it as less stressful. A friend can buffer the reaction to the amount of stress vs. you dealing with it alone. Relationships help us handle all the “rough stuff” by having a sounding board. Support, afterall, is important in good times and bad.


Friends can help reinforce or influence better decisions or worse ones

If you want to be healthier, it helps if your friends are too. Our social circles can encourage healthy (or unhealthy) behaviours, which affects your health. However, if you make a goal to eat better, lose weight, or exercise, a friend is vital to helping bring motivation to your goals. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that the idea of health and body size was influenced by that of their friends. 

All of these benefits are only applicable with good friends, friends that support you, are around for you, and understand your goals.  To have friends you can count on, you need to spend time with them. Just as exercise and eating right is important, it’s vital to your health to carve out time to spend with friends and strengthen those bonds.  

Spend more time with your friends, be healthier, live longer!

Wine Down With Your Friends

Because we are strong advocates for strong woman and believe in empowering each other, we wanted to bring a package that makes it easy to get in some needed quality time and indulge in self-care at the same time.

Our friends at Fielding Estate Winery have partnered with us to offer an amazing package we are calling The Wine Down:

The Wine Down experience is perfect way to relaxing and reconnect with the important people in your life. Contact us to book yours.