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Proven health benefits of regular massage therapy include reduced pain.


Considering booking a massage? The answer is always ‘yes’!

Massages are often considered a luxury; a way to get pampered at the spa or while on vacation; and a sure way to book in selfcare “me-time.” All of that is true and good enough reason to book a massage, but there are also scientifically proven benefits to getting massages regularly.


Did you know that massage therapy can help with chronic pain, injury and even help prevent pains caused from poor posture? While there are numerous studies and resources to say massage therapy is effective for pain relief, it also is beneficial to consider massages for preventative reasons as well.

 Massages and Pain Prevention

Regular massages at our Beamsville or St. Catharines Elite Spa Group locations help to build and maintain a healthy body overall. Massage can help combat stress and boost the immune system, which contributes to stronger mind and body. Furthermore, when you take the time to listen to your body as you do during massages, you become more in tune with its needs—now that is a powerful preventative measure!

Think about it—being more aware would allow you to feel if anything is off, allowing you the opportunity to counteract discomfort. 

Let’s Talk Muscle Pain

It’s no secret that a good massage from a massage therapist or RMT can help manage pain after a injury or even a good workout. 

Your Elite Spa GRoup therapist is able to help you identify the tense areas that require more attention. Focusing on these areas can help alleviate potential pain in the future, as well as, the tension that resides in that area. The muscles, tendons, or joints become relaxed, which in turn reduces contractions and spasms related to pain.

Essentially, it helps to “close the pain gate” by stimulating nerves and blocking pain messages that are coming from the brain, says Harvard Health. For example, a study concluded that people that had regular hand massages (four sessions per week), showed an improvement in grip strength and less reported hand pain, than those that didn’t receive regular massages.

Another study found that having a 60-minute massage session per week for just one month relieved chronic neck pain in individuals better participants who received massages sporadically. 

Regular Massages

Stop believing that massages are exclusive to vacations or birthdays. You deserve to commit to bettering your health. Both mind and body. 

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