Stop Buying Things this Holiday | Elite Spa Group

Stop Buying Things this Holiday

Give the gift of self care and quality time instead.

With the holiday season comes impulse buying.

Walking (actually more like running) through the mall, frantically looking at all the things on the shelf and buying thinking, “perhaps Sally or Nicole may like it.” You have to buy your best friend a gift, your sister, your aunt, your in-laws and of course, don’t forget your secret Santa at work…

Let’s breathe…literally breathe, and relax. The holiday season is about so much more than gifts and those who you are frantically buying for, most likely feel the same way.

Give the Gift of Self-Care

The best gift you can give someone is the gift of self caregiving the ones you love the “permission” to take time for themselves and “indulge” in treatments that make them feel good. Although no one needs permission to take care of themselves and doing so should not be seen as an indulging, so many people do feel this way!


Purchase an Elite Spa Group gift card and let your loved ones choose the best form of self care for their needs. Whether it be a massage, a facial, or microneedling, you’ll have given them the encouragement they need to do something completely and utterly for themselves.

Give The Gift of Quality Time

Since the turn of the century, the average daily amount of minutes spent with friends has decreased among Canadians. The benefits of spending time with friends are no secret. Along with improving your happiness and physical health, individuals with strong friendships have a 50 percent better survival rate.


We understand how busy everyone is in today’s society and the years only get faster. The best way to ensure you get time with your friend, is by planning something concrete and well in advance. Women are spending less and less time per week with girlfriends compared to their male counterparts.

Friendships and quality time (along with self-care) are pivotal to wellbeing and nourishing our soul. Taking the time out to, again, “indulge” in time with a friend can be it difficult at times but is a necessity.

Book a spa day for your closest groups of ladies and yourself instead of picking up that nice candle or bottle of wine. At Elite Spa Group, we want to help you catch up with friends. Click here for more information about our spa day packages or purchase your Elite Spa Group gift cards today.

So stop yourself from buying things that are…just things. While you are sweating over what they may want or need, go with your gut in knowing that everyone can do with a relaxing experience at our spas and some much-needed time with a friend. Sally and Nicole will thank you, we are sure of it.