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St. Catharines Spa Day

Life is busy, schedule time with the ones most important in your life.

St. Catharines Spa Day | Elite Spa Group | Bench & Balance | Sugar & Spice

Spending time with your friends can make you more resilient, reduce stress and improve your overall mood. Unfortunately, life’s busy schedule tends to get away. Since 1994 the average amount of time spent friends per day has decreased significantly, according to a Canadian study.

Friends with Benefits

More Resilient

Going through a bad breakup or financial difficulty, findings from a recent study suggest that having good friends improves resilience amongst adults during adversity. “These findings reveal that best friendships are a protective mechanism supporting the development of psychological resilience in adults,” says Rebecca Graber, University of Brighton Senior Lecturer in Psychology.

Less Stressed

An analysis of 70 studies (which compiled data from over 3.4 million people) found that loneliness has the same health implications as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.  Lower blood pressure, improved hormone function and stronger immunity are just some of the proven benefits of spending meaningful time with friends.

Improved Mood

In many ways, your mood reflects the mood of those around you. According to a recent study, everything from tiredness to appetite can be impacted by the friends that surround you. Luckily, the more often you see your friends, the better your mood and theirs will be!

If you still need further convincing that it’s time for a spa day with your friends, our team has put together the perfect combination of services for you and your friends to enjoy each other’s company and the relaxing benefits of our treatments simultaneously.

Sugar & Spice Elite Spa Group’s Sparkle Package can be upgraded and modified to suit your group’s needs—the following is a sample of a typical Sparkle Package schedule.

10:00 – 10:30 AM Enjoy some much-needed quiet time from your hectic schedule during a 30-minute massage.

From our quiet massage rooms complete with spa music and candles to our expert mousses, we know your experience with us will start in the right way. The 30-minute deep tissue massage works out your tenser problem areas whereas our 30-minute Swedish massage is recommended for those looking for a less intense experience. Both massage options help to detoxify the body and improve circulation. To learn more visit our massage page

*Valued at $50*


10:30 – 11:30 Refresh with our famous Flash Facial.

Our skincare experts consider the flash facial the perfect go-to treatment for new clients and regulars alike. This 40-minute facial includes exfoliation, massage and expert advice to help you achieve the radiant skin you desire. To learn more visit our facials page. 

*Valued at $75*


11:30 – 12:30 Catch up with your girlfriends over coffee and a pedicure.

Finish up your spa day at Sugar & Spice Elite Spa with our classic pedicure. Enjoy our massage chairs as we massage your feet. After choosing the perfect colour from our wide range of quality polishes and being rid of your calluses, you’ll be sure to have an extra pep in your step. For more information on this pedicure and possible upgrades, visit our nails page.

*Valued at $55*


12:30 – Well, it depends how long you chat! Lunch in bliss at Upper Deck.

Included with your Sparkle Package is a complimentary lunch at Upper Deck, conveniently located right next door. From their California burger complete with guacamole to their salmon arugula salad, there indeed is something for everyone.  

For more information about our spa day packages, click here. 

St. Catharines Spa Day | Elite Spa Group | Bench & Balance | Sugar & Spice